Infant Daycare & Early Education

6 weeks – 15 months old

Primary Goal

Provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere for infants from six weeks to fifteen months old. We have one caregiver for every four infants. A schedule is followed in which there will be morning and afternoon nap, a “work time” during which caregivers work on a single goal with the infants and a half hour lunch time. Naturally this schedule is flexible in order to meet the individual needs of each child.

The highest priority is basic care taking of the infants. This means being sure their most fundamental needs are met. These needs are as follows: clean diapers, feeding, sleeping, nurturing and social contact as well as a clean safe environment.

The secondary function of the nursery is to provide an atmosphere in which we begin implementing our philosophy of learning. An infant nursery of this soft is a very special place. The caregiver-child relationship makes this a setting in which there is much personal interaction and involvement. Thus, the nursery becomes a warm joyful and fun atmosphere in which all will flourish.

We’ve designed a program of exploration and discovery for your infant centered around the daily development of their mind and body all in a happy environment that makes for an easy transition in a setting that feels like family.