Dedicated to the Care and Development of Your Child

Children’s Cottage provides loving care and education to children in a safe and homelike environment. Our daycare center uses daily activities and play experiences to help kids grow physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Parent Involvement

We believe it’s most important that our staff be involved with parents in close cooperation and planning for the welfare of each child. Children must experience a connection between home and the childcare setting.

Families are invited to visit, call with questions, suggestions, and ideas or volunteer their time and energies to take part in the program.

We hope that you will keep us informed by notifying us of any specific changes that may affect your child at the center.

In turn, we will contact you when we think you should know of any specific incident at the center concerning your child.

The Director will arrange conferences with parents as needed.

Parents may call to schedule a conference with their child’s teacher or the director whenever they feel this would be helpful. We welcome you to join us throughout the year to share a story, a song, or your time or expertise in any area, or even join us on a field trip.


Emphasize creative learning - Children learn best through play and exploration. Therefore, activities are best when they are “hands-on” and focus on the creative process rather than the end product.

Provide positive guidance - Through the use of appropriate guidance techniques, teachers can aid each child in developing self-discipline skills and a positive self-concept.

Hire and retain professional staff - Staff members must be carefully selected for their experience, education, and sensitivity to the individual needs of young children.

Maintain excellent ratios - Low child-teacher ratios are vital to the well-being and optimum development of each child.

Encourage parent involvement - Parents are a valuable resource and must be supported in their special and important role. That’s why they are always welcome to come to our center and talk to us.

Get in Touch

Reach out to our daycare center today to talk with one of our staff about our various childcare programs. You can also schedule a tour of our facilities to determine if Children’s Cottage LLC is ideal for your situation.